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        What inspires us is to see a person gift themselves with permission to live             abundantly.  To have their lives be a complimentary reflection of themselves.





Theresa Laurenti

Unleash the Extraordinary

Join me in showing you your true potential.

 Autism & Special Needs

stop talking



"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

Martin Luther King, Jr.   

No matter what 'start living' means to you,
it is yours to find.  It is your birth right to create a meaningful expression in life.  
Life doesn't happen to you; rather you create it one moment at a time.  Each word you choose to speak, the actions you take, the thoughts you allow yourself to have, create your life experience thus far.
It often feels like other people or surrounding situations cause you grief and pain however consider this.  Your feelings happen inside your body AND you are the only one living there.  
Taking ownership of the way you interpret your life and the corresponding feelings it brings you is an important first step toward lasting change.



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Your Greatest Self.


   In all your wanderings have     you ever considered this?           What you are looking for out     there is  yourself.



Theresa Laurenti





Take Back?   How did I give it away in the first place?


The day to day experiences that erode our exuberance for life usually begin  very slowly and over a period of time. 


What we do notice is that we have more worry, self conscious and anxious moments.  Our concern about the opinions of others is of increasing concern and that the dialogue in our heads is negative.


Understanding why this process occurs brings you clarity. Learning how to redirect unwanted mental habits brings you freedom.   


Theresa brought a cutting edge conversation to the students and teachers at ESCFO (Highschool) that was captivating and inspiring to her audience.  Her programs offered concrete ways to change unwanted conditions in their lives through the understanding of how they think and where those habitual thoughts came from.     Theresa's dynamic and innovative approach to the material gave the students an invitation to rethink how they perceive their lives and the circumstances surrounding it.  Students who continued with  one-on-one private sessions benefitted greatly from her coaching style.  We repeated these programs over several years.  Students are telling, years later, how much Theresa's presentations have changed their lives.


E. O., Highschool English Teacher,

Ontario, Canada






Theresa brought forward several initiatives and proposals to the senior management team which supported our "Patient's First   Philosophy".  These proposals included:  a cost savings opportunity which reduced overtime costs by restructuring work shifts and hospital-wide Training and Development Presentations which incorporated personal mentorship sessions.  Implementing these initiatives resulted in effective conflict resolutions, reduction in sick time and associated costs, reduction in management stressors while increasing staff morale.


N. H., 

Director of Clinical Services

Chief Nursing Officer

Hospital - Ontario, Canada


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