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Clients Workshops and Presentations


THEME: When the past continues to dictate your life learn how to choose differently.  Freeing yourself from emotional and physical pain.


Specific to the Human Resources department, Theresa was involved in the implementation of a new committee which focused on personal wellness and organizational health.  The mandate of this committee is to decrease absenteeism and increase positive working relationships through education and peer recognition programs.  Her leadership skills were crucial to the successful introduction of this committee.  She offers creative insight and is consistently able to engage various levels of staff in peer recognition events.  Theresa’s enthusiasm and knowledge in the area of interpersonal relations has a direct impact on the culture of our Hospital.

M. D.,  Human Resources Manager

Hospital - Ontario, Canada




Year 1 - Five day conference


THEME: Trusting your intuition or 'gut feelings' always brings you toward your true destiny in life.  

Year 2  - Five day conference

Year 1 - Modelling Excellence

Year 2 - Inspiring Commnities


THEME: Choosing to make positive and powerful changes in your life and how those transformations inspire to others.


THEME: Modelling excellence from the inside-out.  Living who you really are rather than living according to the expectations others put upon you.

Sudbury Sexual Assault Crisis Centre, Sudbury, ON

Year 1 - Trauma and Mental Health


THEME: How the scale from negative to traumatic memories effect the mind and body. Undersanding how memories are stored in the body tissue, symptoms from those memories and how to move beyond the pain.

Year 2 - Vicarious Trauma and EMS


THEME: "Vicarious Trauma" experienced by Sudbury Emergency Response Unit and Front Line Workers.  How to identify the stress factors of ongoing trauma due to front line experiences. Learning strategies to minimize these stressors. 


Here is a sampling of the diverse areas where Inner Connections has taken powerful and life changing conversations.


 - Team Buiding Interactive Workshops

 - Conflict Resolution Strategies 

 - Private Follow-Up Consultation Sessions

 - Stress Management and a Healthy Body

5 month Staff Communications Series

- Senior management initiatives

- Innovative Committee Development

- Staff Communications Training 

- Team Building and Rapport


- Private Consultation Follow-Up

- Pain Management Education 

- Conflict Management 

- Peer to Peer Recognition Initiatives


"You get the best efforts from others - 

not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within them."

Bob Nelson,

Best-Selling Author


 - Staff Workshop:  Educating the Bully to Become a Leader

 - Feeling Confident and Self Assured Amongst Peer Pressure

 - Self Confidence - Self Image - Self Respect

 - Anti-Bullying and Student Empowerment

 - Student Pre-Graduation Series:  What You Think is What You Will Live.

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